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Seminario Bautista Biblico de Panama -- Bible Baptist Seminary of Panama

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In 2001, a Bible Institue was started by Byron Willis. This was not the only Bible Institute in Panama as various Churches had their own Bible Institute and each would teach a few students. Sensing that there was much overlap of responsibilities and that a central Baptist College would have many advantages, in 2006 Brother Willis felt impressed by the Lord to start a Seminary which would be able to train many Panamanians for the ministry. In a meeting held in August of 2006, a great majority of the Pastors of the 22 Independent Baptist Churches in Panama and of the eight Bible Institutes in Panama promised to send their students to the new Seminary. This serves the dual purpose of allowing the existing Pastors to dedicate more time to building their churches and it allows for a more effective and exciting training program for our young people called to the ministry. The Teachers are both Brother Willis as well as the Independent Baptist Missionaries and Pastors in the area who volunteer to come and teach for a week or two at a time. The first year of the Bible College began in March of 2007 with 20 students.


Ways to Help

With so many opportunities to minister to students, there are also opportunities for God's people to assist as the Lord lays it upon their hearts to do so. If you would like to help us with this great project, you will be helping all of the churches of Panama and you will be helping us get new works eventually started all over this country.

Teach A Class for a Week

There is an opportunity for some gifted Bible teachers (or Pastors) to come in and teach the Students for a week. The lodging and food are paid for by the Seminary, the only thing that you would have to pay for is your plane ticket. We would love to have you teach our students.

Sponsor a Student

This College has day classes and is used for the purpose of providing the education for students called to the ministry from all over our country. To be able to attend, we need to provide for these students a place to live, food to eat, and a way to pay for their tuition. There are not many jobs in our city that these students can get that would allow them to be in school and work as well. We need help with $100.00 a month per student. With this amount we could provide a student with the room, board, and tuition. The student would also be working for the church in the afternoons and winning souls for the Lord.

Donate to the School

It may be that you do not feel led to teach or sponsor a student, then perhaps you would be led to give a monetary gift to the school. Any amount would be appreciated and would be wisely used in training these students.


We realize that this is the Lord's work and are depending upon Him both to provide the funds and to lead us in the direction He would have us to go. Please join us in praying that His will will be done.

Please look over the opportunities above and, if the Lord lays it upon your heart to assist in any way, or you have questions about any of these areas (or anything not listed),
please contact Brother Willis at his support address.


Student Testimonies

Ariannis Arauz
Colossians 3:23

God Bless You! My name is Ariannis Itzel Arauz, I am 18 years old. I am a member of Iglesia Bautista Biblica de David, Panama . I have been attending this church for 12 years and now I am a student in Seminario Bautista Biblico de Panama. This is my first year in the seminary. I am going to share with a little of my testimony of when I started to attend church.

I first attended church when I was 6 years old and I came with my mom, my brother and sisters, and my step-dad. One evening in the evening service, one of the ladies in the church (the church secretary) shared with me the plan of salvation and I received Christ in my heart; the following Sunday I got baptized. After that my mother always took me to church and I attended my Sunday School class and that is how I started learning more about the Bible.

I remember that when I was 14 years old, I attended a Missions Conference which was preached by Pastor Rudy Aldana. God spoke to my heart about serving Him full-time. I felt like God wanted to use me and it was a feeling in my heart that I have never felt anything like it before. I did not really understand the feelings that I was experiencing but with tears I went to the altar and made my decision public to serve God full-time. I thank God for touching my heart in that service.

Shortly after, I became a helper in a Sunday School class; for 2 years I was a helper for the 5-6 year old girls and then for another year I was a helper for the 3-4 year old girls. During these three years I was able to learn more and at the end of the third year I became the teacher for the 3-4 year old girls Sunday School class.

I attended a Teen Camp in 2006 and I made the decision to attend the Seminary to prepare myself to serve and I made my decision public at a bonfire that we had at the end of the camp. At the time of my decision there was no mention of the Seminario Bautista Biblico de Panama but God knew what was going to happen.

Today, I am in my first year in the seminary, I am a Sunday School teacher for the 3-4 year old girls, I help in the nursery, and I also sing specials in the church.

I thank God for the blessings that He has given to me, for my pastor, Pastor Willis, and for the fact that he started the seminary. I thank the Lord for my pastor’s advice and counsels and for the church,

Please pray for me and for God to bless my life and for Him to use me for His honor and glory.

Javier Enrique Hawkins

Hello, my name is Javier Enrique Hawkins, I am a student at Bible Baptist Seminary of Panama.

I am from Panama City , Panama . I live in Santa Librada, I am a member of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church , pastored by the missionary Arnulfo Olivo.

I have been a believer of Christ since March 1986. Right now I am a Sunday School teacher for the teens of 15 years and older, I also am one of the “directors del culto” and when I am given the opportunity, I preach.

My purpose of being in the Seminary is to study the Bible more so that I will be able to help others and also to prepare myself for whatever God has for me in the future.

I thank the Lord for the opening of the seminary because God is allowing us to learn more. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE SEMINARY!

I am very grateful for Pastor Byron Willis, the director of the seminary for giving me this opportunity to study and I am grateful for my pastor, Pastor Arnulfo Olivo for the support that he gives to prepare for the Lord’s will but most of all I am grateful for God’s blessings that he gives to me.

Ricauter Atencio
42 years old

I was saved in the month of August of 1998. I made the decision to serve God in March 2001. I attend the Bible Baptist Church of David in Panama , pastored by the missionary Byron Willis. I am married and we have 2 daughters. I am in my third year in Bible College , preparing for my calling to serve the Lord in whatever area the doors open for me. I thank the Lord for the financial help so that I have the opportunity to study and prepare at the seminary. Thank you and May God bless!

Osiris Ivette Aldeano

This is the testimony of a young lady and her decision to serve the Lord. Her name is Osiris Ivette Aldeano Paredes, born on April 23, 1988 in Panama . She is somebody who has been able to see God’s powerful hand and His mercy in her life.

From her mother’s womb she felt the neglect from her parents. Her father left her mother when they found out that a girl was going to be born; and her mother being alone thought to end her life because she thought that the baby to be born would only cause problems and the baby would only suffer and cause others to suffer as well.

Her mother lived in one of the most dangerous areas of Panama City ; a neighborhood that overflowed with drugs, prostitution and juvenile delinquents. She earned her living by sweeping streets and it barely gave her enough for food. This was before the new baby was born; she already had 4 kids and each one with different fathers. The oldest child was killed due to robbery and the other 3 have been in and out of jail all of their lives for drugs, robberies and homicides. When she was born she didn’t live in the best conditions; nobody even knew of the birth until she was 3 months old.

Her mother always left her in the care of her third brother but her brother was always busy in his lost world that he never paid attention to his baby sister and always left her by herself. It was then when her uncles realized that she had been born and saw that the conditions in which she was living were not the best for her. They decided to take her away from her mother.

When they arrived at her apartment, they could hardly enter inside; there were dirty bottles everywhere that were filled with old milk. But they did not see the baby, they could hear her cry but they could not see her and then they found her in a hole in a mattress, without any clothes, crumbs all over her and on the border of malnutrition. But what this little baby would never imagine is that she would never know who her real parents are and she never did know her real parents.

Her uncles, who became like parents to her, took her and her mother never asked what had happened to her baby. They took the baby to a new home but what no one would know is that this home would only cause her pain and sadness.

Both of her adopted brothers never accepter her into the family. This little baby girl began to grow and she suffered abuse both physical and psychological from her adopted parents. Her older adopted sister never took to the idea of having another girl in the family and was always humiliated by her. Her other adopted brother was a alcoholic and a drug addict and many times she witnessed her brother abuse his girlfriends and his mother with punches or with guns. She also saw how her brother beat up his brother and that her sister hung around with men that were involved with drugs.

She never saw her adopted father because he left at 6:00am and came home in the early morning but sometimes he would not come home at all. She received very little attention from her “new” family and there was no love at all. Everything was insults and violence but no one saw how this was damaging her little life.

She never had her mother’s attention and for 6 years this little girl suffered from something so delicate that can’t be said, but from 6-12 years she suffered and was quiet with her secret guarded because no one would believe her anyway.

Her life was full of beatings, insults, drugs and abuse. For her it was very hard to grow in a place where no one paid her any attention and never found anyone in whom she could let out all of her feelings and pain that was in her heart. Many times, Osiris, tried to end her own life; she felt that she could not handle such pain in her heart. The last time that she tried to commit suicide she was 13 years old. She did not believe in God, for her God did not exist because she did not understand why he would allow her to suffer. But she had heard from someone that “He would help her” and it was when she was on the border of desperation when she asked God that if he exist then to take her out of her affliction. At this time of her life she met Arnulfo Olivo (who is her pastor today). He picked her up and took her to church and at Sunday School someone showed her that God loves her and wants to take care of all of her problems and she came to know Christ as her personal Saviour. Everything for her changed; she now had a smile on her face.

In February of that same year she went to her first Teen Camp and there she felt like God wanted to use her. When she left the camp she started serving God in every area that she was able. But it didn’t take very long for her to see that others started to make fun of her and her “Christianity” and she began to get discouraged. She started to hang with the wrong crowd, people who were not saved and didn’t believe in God. By the time that she was 17 years old she had stopped reading her Bible and was not attending church; she was completely backslidden. She started living a rebellious life with more problems and although she wasn’t receiving any attention from her family and she felt alone, God was still with her protecting her and waiting for the right time to bring her back to Him. En her rebelliousness there came a moment in that she didn’t know what to do and it was at this time that she felt God’s discipline in her life and He guided her back to Him. She heard in a message that God loved her and wanted to use her and He broke her heart. Ever since that day she has served God faithfully and surrendered her life to Him on August 6, 2006 to be a pastor or a missionary’s wife and to complete the promise that she had made to God at least 7 years ago.

The person that I am talking about in this testimony is me. This is part of my testimony and what God has done in my life and part of what I had to go through before God, through his mercy, brought me to the place where I am today and to be the person who I am today. There are many things that I was not able to mention due to how delicate they are in my life and there are many scars from those things but I know that God had a purpose for everything in my life.

I never was able to have parents as well as brothers and sisters that listened to me and taught me the things that I needed to know in life such as love but God was always with me and I thank the Lord for the “parents” that he gave me through my pastor and his wife. They teach me to see the things of the Lord with a positive outlook and they are always encouraging me and I am very grateful for them.

Today, I am a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church , pastored by Pastor Arnulfo Olivo and I support their new mission that they have started in another part of the city. I am a Sunday School teacher for 5-6 year old’s in both churches and I am a student at Bible Baptist Seminary of Panama. My desire is to finish studying and to be a missionary or a pastor’s wife and to have a ministry for kids in Mexico that have the same background that I had.

Thank you, and God Bless you!
Osiris Ivette Aldeano


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